Born and raised in Austin Texas, Travis Green's love of rock n roll, blues and country music is exemplified in his voice and songwriting. 

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Travis Green 

A Little Too Late 



Blues and some styles of country have always had this beautiful symbiotic relationship.  Every conversation I have ever had with an elderly blues artist eventually ends up with that particular point...and how many country artists learned the basics from the blues...either from listening to the music on records or directly from some passing artist?  The music of Travis Green is a wonderful blend of blues, country, western swing and good, old-fashioned R&B.  The end result is a delightful telling of the stories of love...either newly found or recently gone awry.  Never straying from his roots in the blues, Green tells his life's stories to a backdrop of that timeless sound.  Whatever you chose to call it, this is as good as it gets, emanates from the deepest regions of the heart and is dripping with an emotional power that plucks on the heartstrings of everyone within earshot.  This is great music to dance to as well as perfect for just listening and reflecting on our own similar tales of love, both in its prime or at its very worst.  If that isn't blues, I don't know what is.  Travis Green is backed by Kid Andersen on guitar and pedal steel, Randy Bermudes on bass, Jason Hansen on drums, Jim Pugh on keys, Nancy Wright on sax and Lisa Leuschner Andersen & Courtney Knott on backup vocals.  All of the tunes on the album were written by Green and each deals with an area of the human condition we all have either experienced or will experience in the not too distant future.  Bluesmen, songsters, minstrels or storytellers...whatever you chose to call them manage to put into words many of the things we all experience.  It is often in the putting these things into words that we manage to sort it all out and find peace.  Call it what you will, Travis Green is good at it.  I recommend the album highly to one and all.  It is easy on the ear, easy to dance to and all-around good music.  This is the type of thing that could, and still can, be heard in juke joints, honky-tonks and roadhouses throughout the country...and the world.  Wherever men and women gather to lay their burdens down after a hard week at work, guys like Travis Green will be working their magic.  Every time I listen to this album I am more impressed.  If there is any justice in the world, A Little Too Late should not only top several charts but earn multiple awards as well.  - Bill Wilson 

Website - http://www.travisgreenmusic.com/ 

FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/travis.green.921 

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Travis+Green+blues

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